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Cruise and Coach Gateway to Bluestone Coast and Country



Fishguard Bay is a pristine playground for sports on and off the water, with every opportunity from beginner to extreme expert.

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North Pembrokeshire has an astonishing range of wildlife and flora in our ancient and unspoilt coastal and hinterland environments.

Arts and Festivals

Arts and Festivals

Fishguard Bay has a string of festivals throughout the year, plus events, regular live music and a wonderful range of galleries and studios.

History and Legend

History and Legend

Pembrokeshire is an ancient county with a rich archeological heritage, but it is our legends that make the foundation of local culture.

Traditional Welsh Hospitality

The people of North Pembrokeshire have a long tradition of welcoming travelers, whether by land or sea, and we’re keeping that tradition alive today. Fishguard Bay Welcome, with our team of Fishguard Friendly Faces are here to help and encourage you find and enjoy the sights and experiences in and around Fishguard & Goodwick that will give you the best memories to take away with you.

Jemima Nicolas

Legendary Local Heroine

During the failed Last Invasion of Britain in 1797 the French ‘Legion Noire’ surrendered to local militia and local blacksmith’s wife Jemima Nicolas went out single-handed with a pitchfork into the fields, rounded up twelve French soldiers, ‘persuaded’ them to surrender, and escorted them to town where she locked them inside St. Mary’s church. She is remembered here by appointing a local lady to be the ‘Jemima’ – but only when she passes the test of catching and restraining at least one ‘French soldier’! Jemima’s memorial stone is inside St Mary’s churchyard, against the south wall of the church.

Celebrated Pembrokeshire Pirate

The most successful British pirate in history, Bartholemew Roberts, captured over 400 prizes in his spectacular but short career. Roberts became known after his death, especially locally, as Barti Ddu (Black Bart). He always dress sumptuously before going into battle, ‘dressed in a rich crimson damask waistcoat and breeches, a red feather in his hat, a gold chain round his neck, with a diamond cross hanging to it, a sword in his hand, and two pairs of pistols slung over his shoulders …’

Black Bart